Zirlen Efficient Migration Services (ZEMS)

Zirlen Efficient Migration Services (ZEMS)

With Sharepoint 2013 providing Collaborative workspace, Mobile Access, Centralized information storage and simplified Custom Applications,there is a clear Business advantage for migrating to Sharepoint 2013 in the industry. Strategically, the benefits of Sharepoint 2013 migration goes beyond traditional cost reduction benefits. It helps to run the business in an agile manner with employees, customers and stakeholders to conduct business from anywhere, any device in a secured environment. In order to maximize the Sharepoint 2013 benefits and associated ROI, it is essential to use the best practices from those who helped other enterprises successfully migrate to Sharepoint 2013.

Zirlen Efficient Migration Services (EMS) provides Sharepoint migrations for different versions as listed below. All migrations assume that the destination platform will be Sharepoint 2013.

Source Version Interim Version/s Target  Version
Sharepoint 2003 2007 – 2010 Sharepoint 2013
Sharepoint 2007 2010 Sharepoint 2013
Sharepoint 2010 N/A Sharepoint 2013

Two main criteria for successful migration are understanding Current Infrastructure and new business requirements in destination platform. Zirlen’s innovative ‘Zirlen Inventory tool’ provides comprehensive Inventory of existing system. Below picture illustrates entire migration service

Zirlen Efficient Migration Services (ZEMS)

A migration effort should include activities to effectively collect and implement not only the features in existing Sharepoint Infrastructure but also incorporate a process for the collection and implementation of new features available in the destined Sharepoint platform in order to meet customer’s future business needs. A series of questionnaires and checklists developed by our experts enable us to understand customer’s future business requirements and accordingly features required.

With information collected through ‘Zirlen Inventory Tool’ and information gathered, very careful planning will be done by Zirlen Sharepoint experts. This planning includes but is not limited to creating valid design, time frame involved in the migration and step by step migration process without compromising customer’s business.

As part of the design, analysis will be done by Zirlen to identify the performance metric after migration. As required, a new hardware infrastructure will be proposed to the customer to accommodate the target Sharepoint version, new features being added and future expansion.

True productivity and ROI gains from the migration are possible only through earnest adoption of end-users. A solution that is so sophisticated still requires educated end-users to be successful. To accomplish this, Zirlen provides Electronic/Printed documentation, In-Person Training sessions which can be recorded.

In the Industry, the business value of using Sharepoint 2013 is growing at a very rapid phase. The ability to achieve acceleration of ROI from ZEMS is a direct output of the preparation activities carried out well before the actual migration. Our ability to accurately assess current infrastructure, new business requirements will in the end deliver the desired productivity gains with lower risk and high end-user satisfaction.