Product Engineering

Product Engineering

Our Product Engineering services address customer requirements across the spectrum of the software product development life cycle – Accelerated Product Development (APD) and Product Management (PM).

The Accelerated Product Development (APD) service offering for new product development and the early stages of the product development life cycle is supported by a stringent quality framework. It uses an iterative methodology that’s necessitated due to highly usable interfaces and constantly changing requirements. Zirlen teams work on multiple technologies and have extensive experience in product design/development and associated processes such as configuration management, release management, change management, etc.

Zirlen’s Product Management service offering provides extensive maintenance services for products. These include enhancements, incremental releases and second and third level technical support help desks for resolving issues encountered by users. A robust defect tracking and resolution process and a specialized testing team support these services. Product Management has offerings covering the growth and sunset cycle of products.

Zirlen provides Professional Services & Product Value-adds to Independent Software Vendors for implementation, integration and custom development based upon the ISV’s product and other value-adds like training courseware development, internationalization services where it assists software companies in making their product marketable for the international market. Zirlen consultants work with the ISV team to customize and implement the products for various clients.

Zirlen’s Product Support service involves addressing user tickets through a technical support helpdesk and providing bug fixes to ensure constant availability and performance of the product for end users.