Data Processing

Data Processing

At Zirlen Technologies, we offer our customers with extremely correct knowledge of Entry and processing services.

Our customers often source their knowledge Entry work to the United States thanks to our high level of accuracy, timely deliveries and total confidentiality. within the case of information entry services, the info is re-keyed to produce 99% accuracy.

Outsourcing of non-core, however sensitive and important processing functions to Zirlen Technologies has reduced prices, multiplied profit and delivered bigger core worth and operational excellence to our customers.

Zirlen Technologies makes a specialty of the capture, conversion and process of information from various input sources, like fax, Web forms, e-mails, scanned pictures and hardcopy documents.

we tend to work on each electronic and written knowledge.

Electronic Data :

Zirlen Technologies uses numerous conversion tools for the conversion of electronic knowledge from its gift format (in much any computer program, data processing, or publication application). We tend to use bespoke in-house software packages for the conversion of information into a usable electronic format.

Printed Data :

For the info offered in written format, we tend to use advanced in-house scanning facilities. Our knowledgeable technical support employees scan documents or pictures for conversion into a digital format. we tend to maintain a commentary employee good in manual knowledge entry, also as proofing and writing, guaranteeing that the info entered is correct.

Our knowledge Entry and processing services are valid for every kind of matter knowledge capturing which incorporates written text, manuscripts, scanned pictures etc., and includes the following:

Data entry from paper / books or image files in any format

  • Catalog knowledge entry, or knowledge entry for on-line stores, or populating databases of e-commerce websites
  • Business dealing knowledge entry like sales / purchase / payroll
  • knowledge Entry and compilation from websites
  • OCR / knowledge capture / data assortment victimization any automatic method
  • on-line completion of surveys, survey questionnaires and responses of consumers
  • knowledge Entry from Hard Copy/Printed Material into MS workplace
  • knowledge Entry into software package Programs and Applications
  • Receipt / Bill knowledge Entry
  • knowledge entry for Mailing List/Mailing Label
  • Manuscript writing into Word
  • card knowledge Entry into any Format
  • Copy, Paste, Editing, Sorting and assortment knowledge into any format

Output and delivery of information

We deliver processed output knowledge within the selected output formats. Before the info is delivered, it undergoes verification and validation to confirm that customers invariably get correct knowledge of the best quality.

We can deliver the info files to our customers by FTP, email or by CD/DVDs.