Application Re-engineering

Application Re-engineering

Source code of thousands of business applications that support the business functions of organizations are in an orphaned state. This problem is further compounded when the engineers leave the development team.

Application Mining brings out the inner secrets of application program logic, algorithms, entity relationships, database structures, class structures/ hierarchies and process flow charts. It enables the IT asset managers to quickly leverage on the existing code to maintain/upgrade applications to keep pace with business dynamics. These applications embody the business knowledge, process and rules, more importantly they serve as the starting point to improve the business process.

Application Mining services provided by Zirlen are designed to help companies to reverse engineer, document, and manage applications in a cost effective manner. Our approach includes long-term life cycle support through the Application Knowledge Management process. Development teams spend considerable time and effort to understand existing code. Zirlen can help to analyze, traverse, edit and document the application code, helping IT teams in maximizing their ROI on code development and maintenance.

Our Application Mining process covers wide variety of technical platforms including all major databases and development tools such as Visual Basic, Visual C++, PowerBuilder, Oracle Developer, PL*SQL, Pro*C, Web development tools, C, C++, Java, and Script languages

Zirlen typically maintains high quality standards combined with reliability and Security of information flow between its US Office / Client as well as the development facility in India.