Zirlen Managed Administration Services for SharePoint (Z-MASS)

Zirlen Managed Administration Services for SharePoint (Z-MASS)

Though SharePoint is a Web application platform, the underlying technologies involved in a SharePoint environment includes, but not limited to, Database, Networking, Virtualization, Active Directory and Internet Information Servers. Enterprise environments today have concerns in management of their SharePoint deployments due to the complexity and interdependence of technologies mentioned above. As a SharePoint solution becomes a strategic asset for your business, improved operational efficiency and higher availability mandates your business necessities. This poses a business challenge for management of the SharePoint Solution in terms of Technical Skill gap, Solution Complexity, Budget, Periodic Maintenance and Security.

Zirlen Managed Administration Services for SharePoint (Z-MASS) is a proactive continuous remote management service that allows you to manage any complex SharePoint Solution. With Z-MASS, you can anticipate, identify and resolve issues faster and with great accuracy. Our service comes from vast experienced Industry experts with certifications in all technologies required for a SharePoint Solution.

Z-MASS service delivers :

  • Remote Management
  • Pro-active Software Recommendation
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Resolution
  • Security Administration
  • Change Management Support
  • Continuous Documentation
  • Continued DR tests to guarantee system recovery

Contact us :

To learn more about Z-MASS, please contact us at contact@zirlen.com