Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Zirlen’s global BPO solutions cover a wide range of diverse business needs.

We use a disciplined, standardized approach to BPO, while leaving room for innovation and flexibility. Integrated with Results-Driven Applications and Results-Driven Infrastructure, Zirlen’s Business Process Outsourcing brings sustainable business transformation.

Why Zirlen Technologies?

Business process Outsourcing is a vital component of Business Strategy of major organizations worldwide. BPO is absolutely associated with the quest for additional efficient organizational designs: price reduction, productivity growth and innovative capabilities. Hence, BPO is a vital source for strategic advantage. Several recent marketing research surveys have indicated the CEO’s around the world across all the businesses feel that BPO is a vital strategy for survival in today’s very competitive business atmosphere. Zirlen Technologies offers several edges. We tend to allow the organization to concentrate on their core activities by releasing resources which have constrained non-core activities. It helps organizations cut costs by reducing prices.  The client solely pays for useful quality work duly completed by BPO. It helps to cut back recruitment and training expenses. It helps Improve quality of service and productivity by bringing bigger accountability and transparency in production standards. It enables an organization to induce an increasing volume of paperwork and routine administration work done faster and at significantly lesser cost. we provide 24 X 7 X 365 service accessibility that is incredibly vital in customer service related operations.

Services of Zirlen Technologies

At Zirlen Technologies, we offer wide range of services that are customized to fit your company’s unique needs. we don’t believe one-size-fits-all solutions or overlooking crucial details.  By taking the time to grasp our client, their industry, and their goals, we tend to guarantee success.  Our services can assist you in cultivating your brand and build relationships along with your customers in a very professional manner, all while adding value to your bottom line.

Customer Service

Being the voice of a company can’t be taken lightly – it’s typically timing the difference between customer retention and loss. we tend to use skilled, courteous and knowledgeable agents who look forward to building a relationship with you, your company, and your customers.


Trust our experience to attenuate compliance risk and improve process efficiencies.  By operating with us, you’ll enjoy increased cost savings and improved profitability.  With our team of specialists, we will also immediately adapt freshly identified risks, pointing out potential issues so you’ll be able to act with peace of mind.

Business method Automation

Using today’s technology to your advantage, you’ll be able to improve efficiency and consistency across your organization.  By integration software applications across your company, you’ll be able to build a seamless transition that’s free from error.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance isn’t just about listening – it’s about clearly and with confidence answering a client’s queries and concerns during each decision. we wish clients to feel that our agents are knowledgeable and helpful while maintaining a polite and friendly attitude.  By monitoring an agent’s progress and analyzing their strengths and weaknesses, we will then use this data to enhance our call handling methods.

We have strong consultants having professional knowledge on supporting Gas and Electricity comparison company, customer Service and technical support Industries as well.